Do you need to have municipal/council permits?

Yes, in order to secure connection to municipal water and electricity. But, Contabode handles all that for you so you need not worry.

How long does it take to build?

We can hand you the keys to your new home in 1-5 months, depending on the unit you want and the complexity thereof.

Will the house be insulated?

Yes, all units are insulated to regulate interior climate and also to protect the house using fire-resistant insulation material.

What guarantees or warrantees do I have?

Building quality guarantees are in place, any items damaged during installation or construction will be immediately replaced (Patent Defects). A 5 year Latent Defect guarantee for works done by the contractor is in place once the house is completed. All finishes are covered by manufacturer specified warrantees. Your safety is our priority, and our quality products -and service prove that.

Can I have my own individual house designed for me, or can I only choose from the houses shown on this website?

We have an architectural team that can design a bespoke Contabode just for you if you wish. The standard units we offer are those that have been best configured according to certain criteria that include design appeal, short construction time, feasibility and adaptability to various sites, and most importantly cost effectiveness.

Is it safe?

  • Absolutely safe. Our teams of qualified architects, accredited engineers and contractors ensure that we build all structures according to industry standards and all Contabode structures are SANS 10400 compliant, meet industry fire safety standards, and are SANS energy efficiency standards compliant.
  • The core structure is made using very rigid steel containers designed to endure the harshest conditions. The standard shipping container has a life expectancy of 25 years when making regular delivery trips around the world exposed to all kinds of harsh weather, sea storms and saltwater. The 25 year life expectancy can be doubled to over 50 years when the steel is treated with protective processes.
  • We at Contabode go the extra mile in this regard by both processing the steel container through protective treatments and insulation, and the steel core structure is never exposed to the elements because we cover it with finishes such as cladding. A standard container can handle over 30000kg in weight (which is about 20 cars) and our conversion process is engineered not to hamper end structural integrity, so yes it is incredibly big. Having a house with a steel core rather than brick and mortar walls means that the walls will never crack. Your safety is our top priority. Our units are very big, and very safe.